How to Hang a Mirror (without a hammer and nails) in Ten Easy Steps!

  1. Grab a fork from the kitchen, pull out nails already in the wall but in a terrible location.
  2. Look in the “cupboard of crap”* and take out a golf club or similar.
  3. Use this to bash nail into the wall.
  4. Realise this is a terrible idea as it is far too long to allow for precision bashing and minimal injury.
  5. Look at your shoe collection and find one which has a suitable heel.
  6. Use this to bash the nail into the wall.
  7. Realise this is a terrible idea as you only have cheap crap shoes and it turns out nails are far more sturdy. Desist to prevent further damage to the shoes.
  8. Look at your book collection and find the answer to all life’s problems: Harry Potter.
  9. Use the spine of a hardback copy and bash the nail into the wall.
  10. Tie string to the mirror and hang 

*all homes have one, a place where bits and bobs which could be useful (but never usually are) are kept “just in case you need them”.